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In the present date, we are more focused on our work-life to provide food, shelter, and a good future to our family. A good and well-maintained house is a must. And the more important part of all is the roof of the house.

The roof protects us from bad weather and also climatic conditions. It is like a one-time investment, you make your home roof with the best material today, and it can protect you from bad weather and bad climate for the next 70 years and more.

We all want to choose the best material for our house and roof to always protect us, but are all materials great for your roof? The most commonly used material that is one of the best choices for your home roof is asphalt shingles.

Today the use of Asphalt Shingles in Dallas has risen as people in Dallas consider the use of asphalt as it is highly durable and strong.

What Are Asphalt Roof Shingles?

Before knowing about the minimum roof pitch for asphalt shingles roofs, it is critical to understand what asphalt shingles are. Asphalt roof shingles are roof shingles or walls that generally use the material asphalt for its waterproofing. All over the world, asphalt is one of the most commonly used materials for making roof covers. There are many reasons for the huge popularity asphalt enjoys all over the world.

The two main reasons for asphalt being so commonly used are that it is cheap and is very easy to install. However, asphalt roof shingles do not just contain asphalt but also contain numerous other materials. These materials are:

  • Asphalt: Asphalt is used as it is water-resistant and does not let water ruin the roof.
  • Sealant: The sealant is used as it makes sure that there is no leakage between any shingles. It also holds the shingles together so that the storm or wind cannot separate the shingles.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is used as a very lightweight material and is also resistant to any kind of deterioration.
  • Granules: Lastly, granules are used to give the shingles some texture and prevent the shingles from sun damage.

What Is Roof Pitch?

The roof pitch or roof slope is in the “rise over the run” ratio. So, for instance, if the rise of the roof slope is at 4 inches at the time of measurement and 12 inches at the bottom horizontal run, then the roof pitch is 4:12. Now there are various ways of measuring the roof pitch. You can use a measuring tape or even your phone apps. It is also important to understand that the roof pitch plays a vital role in making a good and durable roof.

The Minimum Roof Pitch Required For An Asphalt Shingles Roof

In simple words, the minimum roof pitch or roof slope that is required for an asphalt shingles roof is 2:12. Asphalt shingle roofs are very easily installed and can be the best choice for you as it gives an aesthetic and classy look to your house. It can adapt itself to any roof shape that you choose for your house. It is versatile, low in maintenance, and can help you save a lot of money.

It is suitable for extreme weather and climate conditions and is one of the most common choices in the world. It is capable of adding an aesthetic look and an excellent value to the house. It can be very easily installed in any shape and color and is highly adaptable as well. So for this fantastic choice of material for your home sweet home, a minimum roof pitch of 2:12 is required.

Reasons For 2:12 Being Minimum

But what is the reason for 2:12 being the minimum roof pitch required for an asphalt shingles roof? Knowing about the minimum roof pitch needed for an asphalt shingles roof is very important for all of us. For instance, if the roof pitch is very low then the water from melted snow or even rainwater will also drain out very slowly. This will then boost the chance of a potential lateral water hazard.

Every roofing manufacturer generally recommends the ideal roof pitch somewhere between the ratio 2:12 to 4:12, making it the lowest roof pitch requirement for an asphalt shingles installation. So that is the reason 2:12 needs to be the minimum roof pitch requirement of asphalt shingles.

Final Words

The use of asphalt shingles in Dallas, Texas, has increased with time. Numerous people in the present date go for asphalt shingle roofs. This is mainly because of three main reasons. First, it is really inexpensive and easily available. Second, it is very easy to install and gives proper protection to the house. And third, it provides a very luxurious and aesthetic look to the house.

If someone chooses to use asphalt shingles for their home roof, it would be a very wise option. Asphalt shingle roofs are water-resistant and have external material present in them, with one property of their own adding up to the total durability of the roof. Make sure to think about what type of roof you want and do not hurry.

Investing in a good roof today will not only protect you from bad weather and climatic conditions but will also stay strong for the next 60 years. So think before you make a choice. An asphalt roof is the best option available that is easy to install and is very cheap, which means it is a significant loss for you if you do not consider an asphalt roof.

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