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Carrollton Window Installation and Replacement Services

Carrollton TX Window Services

When you look at the outside of a home, what do you see first? You may notice the windows before you pay attention to the rest of the exterior. Gorgeous windows are like the icing on a cake, but if they look worn and tired, you may want to consider window replacement services to spruce up your home.

Bearded Brothers Roofing & Restoration is more than just your go-to roofing company; we are also your local Carrollton window contractor for the best vinyl windows, top-notch installation, and personalized customer service.


Why You Should Call Us for Window Installation in Carrollton?

Your windows make up such an important part of your home’s integrity. Without them, anything could come inside, from pests and insects to dirt and pollen. Our energy-efficient windows can stop outside elements from entering your home to keep you safe, comfortable, and secure.

We have a full range of colors and styles to choose from for a custom look that will not break your budget. Not only are you going to love your new vinyl windows, but you will also appreciate the low maintenance and easy cleaning that keeps them looking new.


How to Tell You Need A Window Replacement?

Most Carrollton homeowners take their windows for granted until there’s a problem. That’s when they call us to discuss window and glass replacement. Do you know what issues to look for? These are the most common reasons people seek out a window contractor:


  • Lots of Outside Noise 

    - Poorly made or improperly sealed windows do not provide an adequate barrier to stop traffic, yard work, barking dogs, or other outside noises from bothering you inside your home. 
  • Drafts and Leaks 

    - When your windows are closed, you should not be able to feel air coming in around the frame. Any cold or hot air leaking in means your heated or cooled air is leaking out. 
  • Difficulty Operating Windows

    - Old windows can be challenging to open and close. If your windows seem impossible to use, then they may have given their all.

  • Water Damage and Wood Rot

    - Inspect your window frames for a better sense of their condition. If the wood feels soft or the paint is chipping and peeling, you may have water damage hiding underneath the surface.

  • Foggy Windows and Glass

    - Condensation between glass layers in your windows can signal leaks, water damage, or failed seals which means it is time to replace them.


What to Know About Our Process?

When our team replaces windows in your home, we take care to protect your home from damage and you from extra stress. With expertise, our friendly technicians carefully remove your old windows and put up any necessary barriers and drop cloths to keep your home clean and comfortable.

Once your window installation is complete, we offer you a lifetime warranty on both our energy-efficient windows and our labor. Our goal at every stage is your total satisfaction, and that is what sets us apart from every other Carrollton window company.


How Does Window Replacement Add Value?

Think of how high your energy bills are every month. Add to that the amount you pay for repairs from water leaks or pest control. Quality windows can lower those costs while giving you a sense of security as well as an appreciation for their function and style.

With our energy-efficient windows, your investment can also pay off down the road when you are ready to sell your property. Carrollton home buyers may prefer your house over similar options in part because your beautiful windows are in great shape years after installation. Real estate agents do not underestimate the importance of curb appeal, and neither should you.


Where to Turn for Carrollton Window Replacement?

Do not wait one more day to fall in love with your home again, one window at a time. Our experts are ready for you to call and ask for more information about our Carrollton window replacement process and the incredible options you have in shapes, sizes, and colors to complement your home.

If you are looking for a professional Carrollton window services contractor, then please call 972-619-6149 or complete our online request form.