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Terracotta & Tile Roofing in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area

Terracotta roof

If you're looking to outfit your Dallas home with a stunning and durable roof, you need to look into two options: tile and terracotta. These roofing systems are guaranteed to be some of the most stunning and durable that you could buy. Call the Dallas / Fort Worth roofing contractors at Bearded Brothers Roofing & Restoration today to begin enjoying these top-rated roofing options!

Tile Roofing: Beautiful and Long-Lasting!

If you want to give your home an eye-catching look, then you can't go wrong with tile roofing. Its distinct appearance and stunning colors will make your Dallas home simply pop with beauty, helping to make it stand out (which will pay off big time should you ever decide to sell).

Of course, tile is more than just a pretty face. After all, this roofing system is also one of the most durable and longest-lasting on the market. How long lasting? If properly cared for, a tile roof can last you anywhere from fifty to a HUNDRED years. How's that for long-lasting?

Enjoy the Great Benefits That a Terracotta Roof Offers

Your roof should last a good, long time, and during that time, it should stand strong to protect you and your loved ones from the elements. When it comes to longevity and performance, few roofing options can hold a candle to a terracotta roof thanks to the many benefits it offers:

  • Resistance to rot
  • Imperviousness to insects
  • Long lifespan
  • Durability to rain and freezes

On top of all of those protective qualities, a terracotta roof also provides extra insulation for your Dallas area home, making it as good for your budget as it is for your safety. Ready to enjoy all of these benefits? Then give our roofing company a call today!

Tile Roofing Projects

If you are looking for terracotta & tile roofing in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, then please call 972-619-6149 or complete our online request form.