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When was the last time you had your roof inspected?

When it comes to home renovation or roofing project, you may occasionally overlook your roof, right? Well, you’re not alone there! Flooded basements and roof leak are the two major problems of house water damage. You should inspect your roof at least twice a year and after every storm or severe weather event.
One of your home’s first lines of defense against the elements is its roof. It protects you from the sun, wind, rain, snow, sleet, hail, and other elements. That is why it is critical to have professional roof inspections performed after a storm. The elements can have an impact on the condition of your roof, and you must maintain it in order to keep your family safety.

Dallas TX Homeowners understand the importance of a thorough roof inspection to determine whether their roof has been damaged

As a homeowner, you’re probably constantly looking for innovative methods to save money. If that’s the case for you, you should contact our Dallas TX roofing contractor.  We can assist you in saving money in a variety of ways through our free roofing inspection and roofing services:

The Advantages of a Professional Dallas Roof Inspection - Free Estimates

  • Repair causes may be caught before the need.
  • Increased roof lifespan
  • Improved insulation for your home
  • Can Evaluate Invisible Damage
  • Doesn’t Ignore MinorJob Problems
  • Can Assist with Insurance Claims services
  • Understand What to inspect for in Water Damage
  • Over time, it saves cost.

You should not go bankrupt simply because you own your own property. As a result, you should contact company for the best roof inspection. We will assist you in lowering your monthly and unexpected cost so that you can enjoy home ownership without financial stress.

Now that the potential major or minor issues have raised an obvious level of concern, it’s critical to understand that the roofing contractor brings something to the table that you simply cannot match. The advantages of having a roof inspection far outweigh the costs, and you’ll want a trained eye to do an excellent job at your side.

A professional inspection that isn’t just “a roof inspection”

If there is an area of concern we'll find it and report it

Some of these areas are as follows in Dallas TX roof inspection:

The roofing material, such as shingles, gutters, siding, metal roof, clay, or even slate shingles, will be the focus of the material portion of the roof inspection. We will inspect your roof for any damages, missing materials, or rust, moss, drip edge or water damage staining. The material inspection also includes looking for signs of leaks, cracks, or opportunity for pests in the flashing beneath the roofing material.

The contractors may inspect the interior if accessible and warranted, plus we will inspect for any signs of roof damage that aren’t visible from the outside. Inspectors will examine the windows, ceilings, attics, and even the walls of the home.

The structural inspection will determine the overall condition of the roof system. This part of the inspection entails looking for any signs of a sagging roof based on how the roof planes are laid out or gutter replacement. The structural inspection does not look for damaged or missing roofing materials, but rather examines the overall condition of the roofing system.

Contact for a Dallas roof inspection today and if needed, a free estimate for repairs or replacement.

What to expect from a roof inspection?

When the roof inspection service is finished, the roof inspector will provide you with a detailed report of their findings with the repairs needed to provide you with the best quality product, so you can make an informed decision. They may also take you around the house to point out any signs of damage that they detect without bringing you onto the roof.

Each business will most likely have its own reporting system. If you’re performing a home inspection for insurance purposes, the insurance company will almost certainly have its own report as well. This includes the details of the roof’s condition, any recommended repairs, installation, replacement or any concerns about the roofs failing, and how long the roof is expected to last or if roof maintenance will be needed.

Once the roof inspected is complete, they may also provide you with an estimate to repair any problems that are discovered. Roof repairs may cost between $365 and $1,550, depending on the extent of the repairs. Of course, different situations may involve differing costs.

If the roofs are failing in too many places, you will most likely need to replace them. On average, a roof replacement will cost around $14,360. If you need ongoing repairs, getting a new roof may save you money in the long run.  That is as statiscal average.  Some materials are more costly to repair than others.   Example: Slate or tile roofs are more costly to repair than asphalt shingles.

Since you have opened our inspection page, you must be of interest for a roof inspection for your residence or business    You must be searching for a reliable roofing company you can trust; who will keep you apprised of what they find, and keep you updated as further attention is needed.

We highly recommend our Dallas Roof inspection team – –  to schedule a roof inspection.  If findings warrant a repair, a free estimate can be provided if you desire

Dependable Residential and Commercial Roof Inspection in Dallas Tx

Hiring a professional roofing contractor expedites the whole process and saves you money in the long run. have the experience and expertise needed for a thorough roofing inspection. If they discover any damage, they will be able to provide you with an estimate on the spot and make recommendations for any repairs that are required.

If anything is found to be wrong after the inspection, our experienced roofing contractors at will ensure that your roof repair job is complete with top quality materials and efficiently and without any hidden costs. We take pride in our ability to work with integrity and longevity in mind.

Contact us at 972-619-6149 for the free inspection and best roof inspection or email us today to speak with an experienced roofing contractor from Dallas TX.

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Carlos Ellis
Guys were knowledgeable and honest. Repair has been scheduled
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Thi Dau
awesome team!
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Coke Turman
Company was willing to deal with our insurance adjuster that was horrible at responding and make sure everything was taken care of. Team did a great job on the roof and got it done on time with great cleanup service afterwards.
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Sue Royalty
We called this company to help Replace our roof after we had storm damage! The company was professional and our roofer Aimal was extremely knowledgeable and professional! I was 100% satisfied with the job he and his crew provided. Aimal paid extra attention to detail and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him and his company for your next roofing project in Texas! Thank you !
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David Pailet
Aimal and the entire team were great to work with, making sure all the repairs were complete. Looks great too!
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LaQueshia Marrilla
I called Bearded Brothers for a roof inspection and have had nothing less than exceptional service. Aimal (Joseph), Andrea, and Charles have all been very helpful and responsive while walking me through the process. My insurance company has been less than steller, but Aimal took the stress of dealing with them off of me. Andrea, the project manager, has answered all of my questions and helped get my chimney tarped as soon as requested while we wait on a response from the insurance company. This is my first time dealing with a roof replacement, and I was a bit nervous but the Bearded Brothers Team put me at ease. Thank you Bearded Brothers!
David Groves
David Groves
Aimal was a pleasure to be assisted by very knowledgeable and professional
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Megan Gregg
Dustin was very professional working with our insurance claim evaluator. He was knowledgeable, honest, and friendly. Highly recommend Bearded Brothers Roofing!

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