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Home Projects New Tilcor Stone Coated Steel Roof for Homeowners in Dallas

New Tilcor Stone Coated Steel Roof for Homeowners in Dallas

Dallas metal roof replacement

This family had recently moved into this home and had a storm event soon after leading them to file an insurance claim. They had received several bids from other contractors to downgrade their existing metal roofing system to asphalt shingles because the other companies were uncomfortable installing speciality designer roofing systems. During our inspection process we found multiple line-items missing from their insurance scope. We were able to address these discrepancies with the insurance company and have more money added to the claim. This allowed the homeowners the flexibility to actually upgrade their roofing system to the coveted Tilcor Stone Coated Steel. We were also able to replace their gutters, fence and facilitate some interior remodeling all via the storm restoration process. The total transformation to this home is one these homeowners are thrilled with!

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