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Home Projects Low Slope Roof Replacement on N Edgewood Terrace in Fort Worth, TX

Low Slope Roof Replacement on N Edgewood Terrace in Fort Worth, TX

Low Slope Roof Replacement on N Edgewood Terrace in Fort Worth TX

These homeowners reached out to Bearded Brothers after the first big April hailstorm. Upon inspection, we found that their roof not only had hail/storm damage, but it also had multiple faulty installation issues and "band-aid" repairs. It also had ZERO ventilation! The lack of ventilation caused degranualization of the shingles. We also discovered that this asphalt shingle roof had been installed over an older "hot-mop" ( term for a molten asphalt roof that is mopped on) roofing system, which immediately voided any manufacturer's warranty for the shingle roof. They also had an active leak in their guest bathroom, and multiple areas of the roof that we could tell had been leaking in the past.

Another interesting aspect of this home is that it has "open soffit," which is an older style of construction.

For these homeowners, the hail storm was a blessing in disguise. They desperately needed a new roof, but the hail damage allowed for insurance coverage, whereas otherwise, they would have been out of pocket thousands of dollars. Instead, all they paid was their deductible and to have gutters installed!

To replace their roof - we tore everything off down to the decking (as is standard procedure for ALL Bearded Brothers' roofing projects). We exposed massive amounts of rotted decking and replaced the decking where needed. We then installed a specialty edge venting system to allow for proper intake ventilation since the home has open soffit, and the standard soffit vents couldn't be used. We also added Ridgevent for outtake airflow.

The entire roof needed to be covered in ice and water shield, a membrane used to protect low slope roofs or areas prone to water leaks.

A rolled roofing system was installed over the flat portion of their roof as shingles can not be used on flat roofs.

These homeowners decided to upgrade out of their existing 3-tab roof to an architectural shingle, which increased their wind warranty from 60mph to 130mph.

Once the house was shingled, gutters were installed, and now these homeowners have a fully warrantied and functional roof that should last them for years to come! The newly ventilated roof will also save them money on their energy bills!

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