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Home Projects Roof Replacement on O Brian Way, North Richland Hills, TX

Roof Replacement on O Brian Way, North Richland Hills, TX

Roof Replacement on O Brian Way North Richland Hills TX

These North Richland Hills homeowners reached out to us after a storm blew through their neighborhood with some good-sized hail. During their roof inspection, we found that not only had their older roof sustained hail damage, but it also had become extremely brittle due to someone putting a coat of paint over the roof trying to alter the color. The paint had destroyed the asphalt coating on the roof and essentially caused the roof to over "cook" in the Texas heat. We were able to get their roof replacement paid for through an insurance claim, which allowed these homeowners to upgrade their 3-tab shingle to an architectural shingle, have better ventilation installed, and build a cricket on the back of their chimney for proper water runoff. The cricket with proper flashing will prevent the chimney from rotting and prevent potential leaks. The most exciting part for these homeowners was picking a black roof that perfectly fits their aesthetic!

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