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Home Projects Roof Replacement and Drainage System on Meadow View Trail, Fort Worth, TX

Roof Replacement and Drainage System on Meadow View Trail, Fort Worth, TX

Roof Replacement and Drainage System on Meadow View Trail Fort Worth TX

These Fort Worth homeowners had owned their house for about 15 years and decided it was time to invest in some upgrades and home improvements! They plan on living in the home for a while and wanted to make it an enjoyable place for their growing family. Upon initial inspection, we found that they still had the original 3-tab roof that was severely damaged by hail and wind. They also had a significant water drainage issue in their backyard that caused their yard to become like a swamp whenever it rained. It was so bad that the homeowners kept a pair of wading boots by their backdoor so they could take their trash out and not get stuck in the mud!

To address these problems, we created a drainage system customized to their backyard and water retention issues. We installed several french drains along the rear of the house and created a rock bed to help hold the soil level. We also graded the soil around one side of the house that was causing water to run towards the house instead of around it.

We also poured four concrete slabs in total - one for their new storage shed, two for cookouts and hangouts, and one for their hot tub. We also installed a small slab for when they stepped out of their backdoor and created a walkway between the back door and patios.

For the roof replacement, these homeowners decided they wanted to have a Class 4 Impact Resistant roof so they would have a 25% savings on their insurance premiums and be much less likely to incur storm damage in the future. They plan on living in the house for a while, so they immediately recognized the value of a system like this! Class 4 Impact Resistant roofs are an excellent option for homeowners who want to increase their property value and save on insurance premiums and deductibles.

Gutters were also added to this home to help with their drainage/soil erosion issues.

All in all, this home looks fresh, increased in property value, and will now be the perfect place for backyard barbecues!

Roof Replacement and Drainage System Project Photos

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