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Home Projects ail Damage Roof Replacement on Fall Crest Dr. in Hurst, TX

Hail Damage Roof Replacement on Fall Crest Dr. in Hurst, TX

Hail Damage Roof Replacement on Fall Crest Dr in Hurst TX

These homeowners were affected by a hail storm that blew through a large portion of the DFW metroplex at the end of April and needed a full roof replacement. They were able to have their entire roof replaced with insurance funds and upgrade their 3-tab roof to an architectural shingle on their Hurst, TX home. This increased their manufacturer's wind warranty from 60 mph to 120 mph! They also upgraded their stagnant turtle vents to turbines, which will substantially increase their home efficiency.

Insurance paid for their beautiful cedar, 8'ft privacy fence to be complete restained to remove the evidence of hail damage and preserve the wood's integrity for years to come.

When their roof was restored to better than pre-storm condition, these homeowners also chose to invest in some new paint and gutters for their home and repairs to their chimney trim. All in all, significantly improving the appearance of their home!

Roof Replacement Project Photos

Products Used: Tamko Thunderstorm Grey
Client Review: Andrea, Oscar, Jeremy, Carlos and the entire Bearded Brothers team did a fantastic job on our exterior refresh. New roof, paint and gutters. We are really pleased. Andrea communicated with us throughout the entire process and everyone went out of their way to make sure we were happy. Thank You!

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