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Home Projects Deck Repair on S Adams St. in Fort Worth, TX

Deck Repair on S Adams St. in Fort Worth, TX

Deck Repair on S Adams in Fort Worth TX

These homeowners recently moved into this cute home in the historic Fairmount District in Fort Worth, only to discover their front porch was structurally unsound and rotting through. The painted wood had absorbed rainwater over the years (even though the home is only six years old!) and had saturated the flooring and the majority of both layers of subflooring. To complete this deck repair, we tore up the rotted subflooring, replaced it with new, and then covered it in a layer of Tyvek to prevent rot in the future. We then topped it with a stunning Trex composite in “Pebble Grey.” These homeowners now have a front patio they are proud to enjoy- they even said, “I think we will eat dinner out here now!”

Deck Repair Project Photos

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