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Replacement Windows in the Dallas / Fort Worth Area

For the best replacement window service in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, don't hesitate to call on the pros at Bearded Brothers Roofing & Restoration. Our Dallas / Fort Worth roofing contractors offer more than just quality roof work. We also offer window replacement to ensure your home always looks its best and enjoys the best insulation.

Why choose Bearded Brothers? What makes us special, different, or unique compared to anyone else in the window industry? All of our window replacement installations are High Quality, Energy Efficient, vinyl windows that are Energy Star Rated.

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Window Types

Window Replacement Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Windows

Combines efficiency plus energy-saving benefits with impact options.

Window Replacement Double Hung Windows

Double Hung Windows

Traditional window style that includes lower and upper sashes that tilt.

Window Replacement Sliding Windows

Sliding Windows

Includes operable sash slides that open for maximum ventilation, self-locking, or manual lock options available.

Window Replacement Picture Windows

Picture Windows

A static, non-operable direct glazed window unit, very low maintenance.

Window Replacement Shape Windows

Shape Windows

Hurricane impact rated options with energy-efficient capabilities.

Window Replacement Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Easy to open hinges makes natural ventilation easy when the weather is beautiful.

While most other window companies only offer white and tan, Bearded Brothers offers a multitude of colors, including BLACK.

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Lifetime Warranty on the Windows and Labor

Bearded Brothers is a different type of windows company because we work directly with homeowners, eliminating the middleman who can incur additional costs. We back our windows with a lifetime warranty and will replace them with no questions asked.

Financing Available

Fast, easy, and convenient financing options are available for affordable monthly payments.*
*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments are required. Contact us for details.

Better Insulation with New Windows

As your old windows wear down past the point of no return, you will experience a loss of more than just some of your home's aesthetics. You'll also lose quite a bit of money. That's right: Your windows provide extra insulation. When those insulating properties diminish, however, you'll experience a spike in your heating and cooling costs.

To get these costs back under control, you need to keep your home well insulated. Doing that means you need to get your old, worn-out windows replaced ASAP. Call our dependable team today if you're in need of a window replacement. In no time, your heating and cooling costs will be well under control once more.

Dependable Work from Our Expert Team

Your windows are a vital part of your Dallas / Fort Worth home, and you need to maintain the best windows to continue enjoying their many benefits for years to come. So, when it comes time to have any old windows replaced, you need to make sure you're getting the best quality of work around.

To get that quality of work, you need to look to Bearded Brothers Roofing & Restoration for your replacement window needs. We also offer the same quality of work when it comes to all your other exterior services: siding, fencing, and all else!

What You Get With The Bearded Brothers

Expert Consultation

Informative and Professional Process

Measure Every Window Individually

Competitive Pricing with Price Matching

Dreams Become Reality

Priority Scheduling - Can Be Onsite Within 24 Hours - Contact Us Now

If you are looking for replacement windows in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, then please call 972-619-6149 or complete our online request form.